Friday, December 23, 2016

*Dangers of Hunting

Scott Sederberg

Hunting is a very physical demanding activity and can be dangerous, but how dangerous is it? According to Interstate Sportsman, hunting is relatively safe considering all of the elements it incorporates. I agree with this source because although I have hunted a lot I have never had a serious accident. While hunting you have a weapon which can vary from a rifle to a bow which is very deadly. You are typically away from any civilization and are all alone and walking through dense brush and perilous terrain. Most accidents hunting have a firearm involved which is a scary thing to hear but not all end in death. Over years of production guns have evolved to safe machines that only in the right conditions will fire, but even then when you're walking through thick brush, a stick can grab it and the gun will fire. The best way to avoid an accident like this is to always have your barrel pointed in a safe direction, so even if it does go off it won't injure anybody.

Hunting has all of the ingredients to be dangerous and not even worth doing, but people still go out every year.  About 12 to 15% of all fatal encounters with a gun are when hunting is involved, that might not sound like a lot but that is about 90 people a year. In order to hunt legally, you have to have a hunting license and to get that you need to complete a hunters safety course. “Ironically, hunting accidents are one of the few categories of fatal accidents that have been in decline over the past two decades.”  This is encouraging to see as a hunter because it shows that new technology and knowledge is making this sport safer. Hunter safety courses are spread out over a period of time and tend to be before hunting seasons. This change in hunting accidents allow the youth to get out and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting hurt.

Hunting is a great activity, and I encourage anyone to do it, there's something about being out in the woods where little or no people go and viewing an animal its natural habitat, there is nothing else like. The ability to go out and see something nobody else has ever seen before is a awesome experience and part of the reason people do it. Today you can get gear that is safe and reliable for a good deal, but even with the safest gear anything can happen.  While hunting you have to make safe decisions and think ahead because it only takes a split second for something horrible to happen. I enjoy hunting so much and wouldn't know what to do without.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Holden palmer
Per 5

With the area we live in, we are very lucky to be able to hunt Black brant. Brant are not a waterfowl bird you see everyday. With living on the cost, we are lucky enough to hunt these birds in our area. These brant sleep out in the ocean at night, and feed out in the bay during the day.

Manny hunter's decoy these birds, and a handful scull on these white collors. Day upon day, these brant get destroyed by the hunters on the beach when they come into the beach to get sand and eelgrass for their diets. With ten to Fifteen guys in a brant blind, flocks of brant come in and have a very low chance of getting away.

I strongly agree that these brant should be hunted, but limited to a certain point. With limiting the days hunting on the shore, the brant population would be stronger and the hunting would be better on the days you can hunt. Limiting the hunting days to Saturday, Sunday, Wednesdays and federal holidays would be the ideal way to hunt these birds.

In the past this brant hunting sport had been very violent. Back in the day when my dad hunted brant people would fist fight just go get a spot on the beach. All of this commotion would lead into killing just a pair of brant. They brant hunted brant out of stilt blinds that were built on the beach, and now days they hunt brant out of a wiki. The reason they don't have stilt blind anymore because people burned them down.

On the positive side of killing these brant a number of the population of the birds are banded. The band tells you when they were born, when they were banded, and also where they were banned at. Also it depends on the band color, but some of the bands are worth money. You can look all this information up on Black Brant Bands.

By controlling the limiting the days you can hunt on the beach, can help the brant population and increase the hunting. I also believe that the hunt days should turned into a draw.  



Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting has been around for thousands of years and the ways to harvest a turkey have evolved within that time. Turkeys are a very smart upland game birds and are prized highly in the hunting society. Turkeys have very good eyesight making it difficult to stalk them so most people hunted them with a decoy and waited for the bird to come to them this way takes lots of patience and doesn't have as big of a thrill. Hunting over a decoy is very successful though but most people don't like to sit and have the bird come to them which could take hours.

A new way to hunt turkeys is with half of a turkey decoy, using this you crawl behind it and the turkey is so focused on the decoy it doesn't worry about you. Doing this gets you close to the birds and is very exciting. This style of hunting lets you find the birds by walking on them and tracking them which is very fun. Turkeys are very smart so bagging one of these animals is very special especially when you work so hard for them. During turkey season there is a time when they are mating so the males are very aggressive and charge the decoys. They mate during the spring and this is the best time to get your trophy bird.

Turkeys are very big and provide lots of meat. A big turkey can weigh upwards of thirty pounds, the males also known as Toms have a beard on them, the bigger the beard the better the bird. The Females and Toms both have spurs on their legs, the bigger the spurs the better the bird is. In order to get a turkey with a long beard and big spurs it takes lots of work, these birds are mature and smart by the time their beards and spurs are long. This new way of hunting them goes against everything people knew about turkey hunting, you can get within a couple feet of the bird which used to be unheard of. This style of hunting is very successful and i'm excited to use it this year.

Monday, October 31, 2016

*Kayak hunting

Recently I read about guys duck hunting from his kayak and how it worked. The information was put together by a group of people on a blog about hunting. Kayaks and canoes are both recommended and have proven to be successful in the field. I think hunting from kayaks or canoes can be a great way to harvest ducks and will work great. Both are small personal boats that don't have a motor which means you have to row it. The good thing about that though is that you can travel very quietly through the water and not have to worry about scents or vibrations that can possibly scare away the animals you are hunting. Although they are slower than a motor boat they can go more places because they can travel in shallow water and through weeds or grass. You can also carry them because they are so light and aren't very big. The down side to them though is you lose a lot of stability in most of these boats, although they make some very sturdy they are also very expensive and heavy.

This is a very fun and exciting way to hunt ducks because of how close you get to them. If the ducks re sleeping you can almost touch them you get so close. I look forward to hunting out of a kayak and trying this new style of hunting. Kayaks and canoes are improving each year with new technology making them stronger, lighter, faster, and more stable. Although you can't cover as much area as a motorized boat you can go into places most people don't and get to the good ducks. This is form of hunting is very effective because you go to the ducks instead of wait for them to come to you. Although hunting this way works very good it can be dangerous too. If you get caught in heavy winds or a strong current it can pull your boat and move you out of place. Hunting from a kayak can be very fun and successful as long as you are safe and hunt hard.

Kayaks and canoes have been around for hundreds of years and they have proven to be very good on the water. There are various different styles and numerous brands make them. There are sit on top kayaks where it's like a platform you sit on top of and there are also sit in side where you're legs are inside of the kayak and it's like a hollow tube. Either way they both serve the same purpose and are very effective. Most canoes are the same where they are a deep shell you sit inside and it has no top. The boats are very accessible and also easy to transport making them a perfect candidate for hunting boat.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Duck hunting interview

Holden Palmer, a sportsman that has hunted ducks for 15 years tells me some tips and gives reasons for why duck hunting in storms are better!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Building a Tree Stand

In Ag Mechanics we learned how to weld which made me think of tree stands to deer hunt out of. Metal tree stands are a very good way to hunt deer the give you a birds eye view. The tree stands are not permanent but can be very sturdy. This relates to my blog topic because tree stands are a very popular way of hunting. In Ag mechanics we learn about building skills with wood and metal which is used in hunting a lot. The class is all year for one hour a day where we can go into the shop and master our skills.

To build a tree stand you have to start with the ladder, that is the part you climb up the tree to get to your spot. After you build the rails and cross bars that form a ladder you can make your platform. The platform is what you stand or sit on and shoot from. The platform can be any size but the smaller it is the lighter it will be so you can move it easier. the last thing you will make for it is a chair, being up in a tree stand for hours can be hard on your body especially if you are standing the whole time. Another part that you will have to find is how you want to secure it to the tree, and there are a couple ways to do it. You can strap it around the tree with straps or use stakes that go into the tree that hold it up. It will take a while to build but it will turn out good if you take your time.

After you make it you need to make sure it is strong. Being safe is very important and especially when you have weapons and are up in the air. You want to check all of your welds for any cracks and you want to push and pull on all of the connections. Many people get hurt hunting in tree stands each year so you want to be very careful for when you are using yours. To buy a tree stand it costs over one hundred dollars and making one will be a lot cheaper. Once your tree stand is all ready to go you will want to find a spot to set it up and hunt from. What I normally look for is a place where the deer are moving often and are concentrated like over a game trail. If you can funnel the deer into a path you are already set up on then your chances on getting a deer will improve greatly.                

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First Buck Hunt

A long time ago I got to go on a hunt and shoot my first deer. My birthday was on the opening weekend of rifle season and I was pumped to go out buck hunting. I had just got back from a trip to see my grandparents and I had the itch to get a deer. I got my gun loaded up in the truck and all my snacks and raincoats. The one hour drive to the ranch felt like it took forever but we eventually arrived to our destination. Once we got there I had to get out of the truck in the rain and open up all the gates which was brutal for me but I was still excited for the hunt. We drove a ways and I shot at some quail and missed all of them, I thought it was a bad sign but still pushed on. We drove a ways farther and I had another chance to shoot some quail but I missed more which was unlike me. We called it a day and went to the cabin to go to bed and get some rest. I could barely sleep all i was thinking about was getting a buck.

We went out the next morning and My dad shot my gun for me to make sure it was sighted in. The gun was dead on so all the misses from the day before were on me but I still felt confident knowing that my gun was on. We hit the road and it was foggy with some rain drops I thought it was the perfect weather. We drove a little bit farther and saw some bucks in an opening and I saw my chance. I was pumped up and couldn't think about anything else but the deer. I hoped out of the jeep and loaded my gun, I was all nervous and had some buck fever and was shaking. The two bucks were just hanging out and did not care that we were right there.

I shot once and missed them so I reloaded and shot again but I missed again. I kept on doing this until I got to me seventh shot, I pulled the trigger again and he dropped. I looked back at my dad and said " it fell down" he walked up to where I was and told me I got it. I was so happy, after all that time i finally got one and it was a dandy. I couldn't wait to show my mom and friends, we got home and took tons of pictures and it made so happy. That night we had deer meat and it was the best I've ever had.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fishin joke

Where does a fish keep his money? In the river bank!

Buck hunting in the rain

This last big rain was a huge help for buck hunting this weekend. The rain pushed out a lot of animals and made many hunters more successful. I saw a lot more deer out because of it and made the hunt more fun. When it rains it pushes the deer out of the tress where they hide into the open where you can see them. The rain makes a lot of noise in the trees so that they wont know if a predator is sneaking up on them. It is a lot harder to shoot or find the buck when they are hiding in the brush and wont move unless you walk right up on them. Although I didn't get a buck last weekend in the rain many people did and the rain played a huge role in it.          

Thursday, September 29, 2016

World record bucks

On Grandview outdoors it shows the world record typical and non typical horned bucks with the heaviest weight buck, and the biggest overall buck. A typical buck is symmetrical on both sides and its horns are identical to either side. They also have the heaviest buck on the page which is the weight of the deer field dressed. The biggest typical deer was a Saskatchewan buck and was a very smart animal and took lots of skill to kill. The hunter missed on the first shot and drilled it on the second, lucky for him. The buck was a fourteen pointer that measured over 200 points, a point is one inch and was certified as a typical buck by Boone and Crockett. The buck before this one was the biggest one for over three centuries. The bucks in Canada aren’t generally big so it's rare to see a world record buck from there.
The biggest non typical buck is from St. Louis and scored over 300 points. David Beckham found it and it is a huge deer. The buck had 44 points on its horns but they were not symmetrical so the buck looks gnarly. “It is truly a one in a million animal, the biggest of the big” said Michael Helland. The deer was found in 1983 and has been the record holder since then.
The heaviest deer was shot on November in 1926 in Minnesota and it was a non typical buck. The buck was over 400 pounds field dressed and imagined to be over 500 pounds alive. There has not been a heavier deer ever recorded since then.
The biggest overall buck was from Monroe county with a score of over 300 points and it was a Boone and Crockett non typical deer. He was shot with a muzzle loader in 2003 and still remains the biggest overall buck. To get a buck of this size it must take lots of hard work and a very nerve racking moment. Seeing an animal this is big takes lots of dedication and be an amazing experience. It is so rare to see an animal like this because they are so big and smart that they know how to hide. These bucks are one of a kind and it will be a long time before bigger ones are shot.  This picture shows three of the four bucks that I talked about. All of these deer hunted from the ground and not out of a tree stand. I chose this because these bucks are huge and nothing like I've ever seen before in my life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hunting and Fishing sources

Hunting and fishing is an outdoor activity that involves strategy and physical ability and is a mental challenge that takes patience. At the Fish and Game  website you can get all  the laws and get supplies from Cabelas  and advice from Eastmans.
     The fish and game website is full of all the rules and regulations on all the hunting and fishing. It's by the government and is up to date so that you will never see false information. From the website you can can contact the office if you have any questions or you can report something. 
     On cabelas you can buy anything you will need for when you go into the outdoors. They provide clothes, gear, and anything that will be useful. You can go online and shop or to a store and walk out with your supplies. Having the correct resources is essential to success on the field, without the correct tools it will be very difficult. 
     At Eastmans there are tips and tricks to use which come in very handy. It is a blog that multiple people discuss topics on that give you information that will come in very handy. They also have a show and magazine so that you can always be in touch with the latest and greatest news. 
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hunting and fishing

I chose hunting and fishing as a blog subject because I like to do it and I've been doing it my whole life. Growing up in Humboldt county gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Being outside is relaxing and lots of fun, especially when its with your Friends. My dad taught me how to hunt and fish when I was little and I've been doing it since then. I like to hunt and fish because its outside and with your friends. There is so much to each activity that you're always busy and doing something.  

I enjoy hunting for black tail deer, green wing teal, mallard ducks, Aleutian geese, Canadian honkers,  wood ducks, merganser, wigeon, buffle head, blue bill, quail, grouse, and turkeys. I like to fish for trout, steel head, squaw fish, perch, lingcod, halibut, bass and catfish. I get all of my hunting and fishing gear from Cabelas . I bow hunt and rifle hunt and I use a shotgun for birds. I fly fish and use a spinning rod when I fish. I do a lot of my hunting and fishing public land but i will go to ranches and do it too. I go all around Northern California to hunt and fish and it is very fun. I like to hunt more than fish but fishing is awesome.

I hope after you read this blog you go out and enjoy the outdoors hunting and fishing and learn some new tips for the next time you go out.  I have became more and more attached to the sports over the years because of how much fun it is. I have improved in both and hope to have success this year. Being outside makes you calm and doing activities makes it fun. Getting outside will keep you in shape and you'll have a blast doing it.