Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trophy hunting effects on animal conservation *

Trophy hunting impacts animal conservation but does impact it in a positive or negative way. According to the document “Can Trophy Hunting Actually Help Conservation?” it depicts the positive and negative impacts trophy hunting has on conservation. The answer is not black and white it's in the grey area, on the surface it would appear hunting would hurt animal conservation but considering all of the aspects to  hunting it could be good. Illegal hunting in Africa has killed 745 rhinos in 2012, an endangered species, and one year later that number was cut nearly in half through conservation tactics to have 461 rhinos illegally killed. This news is very good that illegal rhino hunting has decreasing but 461 illegally killed rhinos is huge still and conservation takes money to run. Trophy hunters pay top dollar for permits and tags to legally harvest a trophy animal, all of this money goes directly to conservation organizations, some fees go for more than 350,000 dollars. Trophy hunting though does take vital animals away from the ecosystem, in Namibia alone they auctioned off 16,000 trophy hunts ranging from endangered and non endangered species, this is a lot of revenue for the country but animals should be more than money although this is a steady source of good income for a country that doesn't have a lot of other revenue.

Conservation is very important to the lives of many species and protects many animals away from illegal hunters that kill just for money. Trophy hunters want to harvest the animal of a lifetime ethically and legally and are willing to pay high dollar for the experience. Trophy hunters were interviewed and over 80 percent of them they chose hunting in an area where the proceeds went back to the community and they also said they would have been just fine with killing an animal that causes problems and would be killed anyway. Trophy hunting is very different than illegal hunting, trophy hunters pay most of their money looking for a experience and the animals often come second to the list of their priorities. Trophy hunters were not buying hunts to kill they just wanted a unique experience and help out communities by providing them with revenue for a good cause. In zimbabwe where there are many trophy hunts rhinos and elephants are surviving very well because of the protection they receive from conservation organizations which are funded by trophy hunters.  According to this article trophy hunting helps out animal conservation and animals in area where trophy hunting is popular have healthy populations of animals and is a safe zone for animals because the conservation techniques are effective.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hunting Infographs

This infographic shows how the hunting industry plays a role in the economy and is worth a lot of money. Hunting supports Americans with 680,000 jobs, these jobs are vital to the livelihood of Americans and plays a large role in the economy. Jobs in the hunting industry could include working in a commercial or private outdoors shop, a guide service, or anything that involves the outdoors. People that paid for a licence alone have produced 14,630,000 dollars in 2011 and this trend is on a rise since 2001. The gross of hunting licences is 790,000,000 in 2011, this as well is on a rise since 2001. Without this money or jobs the economy would be in trouble, the infographic does not include the amount of money spent on hunting equipment or transportation which is very expensive. The hunting industry plays a huge role in the American economy supporting the country with jobs and revenue.

In this info graphic it show the amount of bears harvested per year, the states selected are the states with the highest amount of harvested bears. Bear hunting produces lots of revenue from the price of tags alone, bear tags are on of the most expensive. California has the highest bear population with 31,000 bears and is third on the list for bears harvested. There is a quota in the amount of bears you can get which restricts the amount harvested. It also shows the amount of licensed hunters but that doesn't mean it's the amount of bears hunters. Bear hunting is a very expensive type of hunting because the gear you use has to be high end in this very dangerous type of hunting. You need boots, optics, camo, a pack, and a rifle all of this equipment puts money in the economy and multiple vendors.   

This infographic shows the types of hunters of what type of game they target it also includes

age groups and money spent on hunting. Most hunters target big game then small game, migratory birds and others in that order. Big game hunting is the most expensive to purchase tags for so lots of hunters produce lots of money for the state which goes towards the communities. Hunting is on a 9% rise from 2010 to 2011, with 1.8 million youth hunters aged 6-15 years old. Nationwide efforts of getting the youth involved are paying off because once the youth gets to a certain age they have to pay for resources this them helps the economy. It also says how hunting produces 34 billion dollars a year which is 2,484 dollars per hunter. All ages of hunting help the economy and the animals targeted play a large role in that.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Squawfish in northern California

Wikipedia describes Sacramento Pikeminnow as a fish that lives in freshwater and is fairly big in size. The Sacramento Pikeminnow, also known as the Squawfish, are a very destructible fish in our local rivers at northern California. The Squawfish is a freshwater predator that has taken over in the rivers around us by devouring all of the native species in the rivers. Squawfish are built for speed with a torpedo like body and large bony heads, they typically hunt in schools of about 10 or so. Squawfish are very strong and slim which plays a large role in their success of life in any river. Squawfish reproduce very rapidly yielding over a thousand offspring as a whole annually. The amount of fish in the river require lots of food which means any of the native species are now food, they even eat each other if they can't find anything else. They never stop eating and i have seen huge ones ranging in size over 2 feet long in length. Nobody is sure how the fish got introduced into the northern california rivers although there are some theories, one of which is someone dumped a fish tank in the river counting squawfish and the fish took off. Another theory is somebody fished using squawfish as bait and they released the bait at the end of the day all of the fish survived.Squawfish do not taste very good so the only reason I catch them is for sport and to make the rivers a better place for other fish.

Squawfish are an extreme problem for the ecosystem and health for these local rivers, they need to be exterminated for good. The native species of the North coast have been taking a beating over the last couple of years. Squawfish are taking refuge in these calm clear rivers and prey on the steelhead populations. I go fishing in the main rivers here often and have almost every time got a squawfish and it's very rare to catch a trout here now. I enjoy catching squawfish because they are very aggressive and fight hard once they are hooked, typically I use a spinner or something that resembles a wounded fish. The fishing for those is pretty good although once you get one out of a school it's hard to get more, they are a relatively smart fish. For me fishing for these fish tends to be best around fall when the water is warm and there are lots of offspring in the water.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Diamond archery compound bow

Bow hunting is a very physical and mental demanding activity that requires lots of skill and a little bit of luck. To maximize the chances of harvesting an animal you need great gear if you want to exceed in the adventure. When bow hunting during the months of July and August I use lots of gear which include light weight pants and shirts that breathe well for the hot summer days and help you walk all the long miles. I also use a multi-day hunting pack that contains all of my hunting gear including food and will carry the heavy load of the animal that you get. I wear lightweight boots that are waterproof so my feet stay dry and they are comfortable. The most important part about my gear is my bow, it is the only way that getting a deer or anything else is possible.

I shoot a diamond archery compound bow, I am very happy with this product and couldn't be happier about it. It is lightweight, shoots fast, and has a smooth draw. Weight is a huge part about a bow and can make or break them, a light bow is necessary when it comes to hunting, it's hard enough to cover miles of tough terrain then when you finally get in range you have a heavy bow to hold up and makes you shaky and miss a shot. The bow is also small in size which helps a lot when walking through thick brush it doesn't get hung up it is hard enough walking miles let alone worrying about a bow getting hung up constantly. The bow also shoots fast giving a deadly blow to the animal you're hunting this is a must for getting an ethical kill on a animal. The speed of the arrow once released from the bow is very fast which also allows you to shoot the bow from long distances with ease. It is very challenging to get into bow range on a animal as is, so you need all of the range you can get. The bow has a very smooth draw which helps with accuracy tremendously and has a lot of let off so you only hold about twenty percent of your draw weight at full draw.

I have had lots of success with my bow harvesting small game and big game animals. Hunting with a bow is a adrenaline rush because of how close you get to the animals, this bow shoots very quiet which minimizes the amount of movement the animal makes while the arrow is in the air. I have nothing but great things to say about this product, I have took it into very tough terrains and it has performed every time. The bow is very consistent and accurate in any temperature or elevation. The bow also has fully adjustable draw weight and draw length allowing the bow to grow with you and maximizing the amount of time you can have this awesome product. I would recommend this bow to anyone that is in the market for a bow and wants something that is accurate, lightweight, and very consistent.