Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bass Fishing*

Fishing is a very wide and diverse sport that includes many aspects, so choosing the best fish to catch is very opinionated. Some people prefer to fish in freshwater over saltwater while others enjoy fishing in saltwater more. People like to fish in rivers over lakes and others will prefer a lake. There are a lot of aspects to fishing there's also the types of fishing such as fly fishing, using lures or bait, and there's more ways than that. Personally my favorite way to fish is on a boat in the lake going after large mouth bass with jigs and worms. This a very fun way to catch fish, large mouth bass are freshwater predators that devour their prey so naturally this is a very explosive type of fishing. During the spring times bass are very territorial and defend their territories very aggressively, you can see the bass spawning from above the water and you just throw a lure into it and almost every time you'll get a fish. Bass are edible and some people keep their fish and eat them, personally I just catch and release fish but make sure to get that picture first.

Bass are are a short and stocky fish with a huge mouth on them, they have no big teeth and swallow their prey whole. Bass are very muscular and here in California they are a dark green with a black spotted stripe going down their body. Bass tend to grow to about two feet long and get to about six pounds, that seems to be the general size but there are bass that get to bigger sizes. The fish are very strong and make for a great fighting fish, there have been more bass fishing tournaments in the U.S. than any other fishing tournament here. Bass have made a huge presence in our fishing culture here in America by being one of the most popular fish caught.

Bass live in many different settings and are a very durable fish. Bass are a freshwater fish and they live in creeks or rivers, swamps, or lakes and they tend to keep the same behavior from place to place. When I fish for bass in rivers or lakes I like to use a soft rubber lure and jig it or use a crank bait both of these lures have been proven very successfully; I have never fished in a swamp but I imagine the same tackle would be effective. When using a soft rubber worm I like to target underwater structures where bass lay, the worm will move underwater like a hurt fish or a reptile which bass prey on. The nice thing about using these soft lures is that you can bury your hook so you don't get tangled up in weeds or grass. When I use a crank bait lure I like to target open water near abrupt changes in depth of water or near docks. Bass ambush their prey and will be on the edges of docks to come out and strike, at an abrupt depth change they will lay on the shelf naturally created and wait for something to swim over them.

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